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Price Sheet

Effective 3/16/16

Residential Real Estate photos pricing

Pricing based on $99 for travel, setup, and 20 images MLS ready. This is typically a Condo, or Town Home with 2 bedrooms, and limited landscaping. It typically takes me 45 to 60 minutes in the home taking pictures.

The standard offering for a 3-4 bedroom home with limited landscaping and 30 MLS ready photos is $119. It typically takes me 1 to 1.5 hours in the home for pictures.  In homes that require more photos due to the number of rooms, extended landscaping, or large facilities like horse property, the additional photos are $2.25 per additional MLS ready photo.

Typical examples are:  

Home with 3-4 bedrooms with pool and/or expanded landscaping and 40 MLS ready photos will be $141.50

Home with 5 or more bedrooms with pool and landscaping and 50 photos is $164.

Sunset / Blue-hour shots taken at the same time as the regular photos will be just the additional blue hour shots.

Travel time for the first 45 minutes is included in the prices above. For homes more than 45 minutes away from Vail I charge $20 for each 30 minutes (one-way) increment of travel. When you call me I will enter the address in by GPS and tell you. I can be in Dove Mountain or Sahuarita in 45 minutes. Here are things I do that many (most) real estate photographers do not do:

The photos you receive are delivered by a link to a site that will send them compressed for easier downloading. You now have the option of paying by credit card, but can continue to use a check if you prefer.

You can send the link to your client; just remind them they are only for your listing. They cannot give the pictures to another agent.

There will be no pictures of me or my tripod in any mirrors or in window reflections.  Night pictures take more time, but provide dramatic affect for the right homes. These can be done during the first hour of the day or the last hour of the evening.

 I am a licensed REALTOR, so you do not need to be present, but are always welcome.

I provide neighborhood pictures, like playgrounds, exercise facility, or pools at no additional cost. I may need your help getting access to the facilities if I have not taken the pictures before.

If you want pictures for use in print advertising just let me know and I will provide TIFF formatted images large enough for prints up to 11x14. I do not charge extra for these, but only provide them when requested. If you want special effects of the images just let me know.

Ron Quarles

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