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About PhotosByRon

Virtual Tours

Effective September 2016 I started offering Virtual Tours.  The tours are developed using RealTour Fusion software, the leading provider of high-end virtual tours.

RTV offers the best virtual tour software solution for real estate professionals and business entrepreneurs looking to lead the virtual tour provider market. Using RealTour Fusion softwareI  can mix high-resolution photos, videos, and panoramic views that can be controlled with your mouse, plus much more.  The  Virtual Tour provides agents and owners with the most effective on-line marketing tool available to help you sell your home.

Zillow Certified Photographer

In July 2016 Zillow launched a new program for Real Estate Sales, encouraging listing agents to include a 2 minute video with each listing.  As a Zillow Certified Photographer, I am promoting this service by offering a free Zillow Video through the end of August 2016 for agents that use my photography service.  I will monitor the time it takes to develop and post the video, and then provide a new service offering in September 2016 for a nominal fee.  Zillow is highlighting listings that include a Zillow Video.  Your listings will receive 2-3 times more showings than other listings.

Thumtack "Best of 2016" award

In 2015 I took listing pictures for 290 homes and businesses.  As of July 14, 2016 I have taken listing pictures for 190 homes and should finish 2016 at over 400 homes.

I continue to take photography classes, attend local Camera Club meetings, and strive to improve the pictures delivered to the agents I work with.

Have you seen a home with Virtual Staging?  It is a great alternative to having a home staged by a professional stagger. The furniture manufacturers are selling their libraries of furniture to Virtual Staggers, so there is a growing selection of furniture, rugs, paintings, flowers, and more.  In the near future look for a new category called "virtual staging" on this web site.

Thumbtack "Best of 2015" award

My name is Ron Quarles.  I am an Associate Broker for Long Realty working in the Houghton Southeast & Vail office. I became a real estate agent in 2010 and quickly learned the importance of great listing photos. I was involved with a camera club in Colorado in 2004, so had some good photography basics, but found getting great listing photos challenging. I started reading and taking on-line photography classes where I learned about the ideal camera equipment, how to get the best photos, and then how to develop them using software like Photoshop and Lightroom. For 2010 and 2011 I focused on my own listings.

In 2012 I started taking listing photos for a few other agents. In 2013 I took listing photos of twenty homes in my office plus fourteen of my own listings. By the beginning of 2014 the quality of my photos were having an impact on listings with buyers telling the listing agent they were visiting the home because of the great photos. So far this year, ending in August 2015, I have taken listing photos of 205 homes for agents in our office and other agencies.

This web site features real estate pictures taken in 2014 and 2015 plus neighborhood pictures. The neighborhood pictures are provided to agents that use my photography services and agents that take their own photos for a fee.

Besides the standard listing photos, I am also providing saturated color and black & white photos at no charge to my clients. Many of them are using the saturated color photos to help draw attention to unique properties. Some agents like the Black & White photos to feature older homes.

In 2015 I expanded my photo services working with four property management companies taking pictures of apartments they manage for their web site.  I am also doing work for Davis Kitchen taking pictures of Kitchens they have remodeled.

If you are interested in my services please call me at 520.305.5260 or by email at ronquarles@gmail.com. I would appreciate constructive critiques from photographers and agents willing to share their thoughts.

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